Week 8 Term 4 2021

Dear Parents, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend break and soaked up all that sunshine and heat! Two weeks to go here and it will be a busy but fun end to the year!   HOME READING BOOKS AND HOMEWORK Homework and reading is now finished for the year as we need to start stocktaking home reading books.  We ask if you have any reading books at home that you please bring them back to school as they are required for inventory. You are welcome to keep the homework book and folder at home for the rest of the year - this folder will be reused next year in Year 2 so put it in a safe place :)  A suggestion is to look at any sounds focus area of need that was noted on your child's Cumulative Review seesaw post last week.  You can go over the previous spelling lists and fluency grid available in your homework book for those sounds over the next two weeks and over the summer break if you wish to work on your child's current reading/spelling goals.  We are also continuing to focus on the sou

Week 7 Term 4 2021

Dear Parents, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend and are ready for another week of learning and fun as we prepare for our last weeks as amazing Year Ones!  What a brilliant excursion we experienced last week led by Josh.  We learnt so much new information about the cultural understanding of the landscape, plants, animals and weather around us.  We also learnt so much about traditional life of the Wadandi people and the deep connections they have to the country surrounding us.   In our classroom we are enjoying writing the rest of our own Jack and the Beanstalk stories, applying our mental maths skills and reviewing times and collections of money in maths.  In Science we are continuing to learn about weather changes.  We are also connecting our knowledge about Jesus message in our Making Jesus Real lessons.  Important Week 7 Information SEESAW - REPORTING With the end of Semester Two approaching us, your child will soon be receiving their end of year report. Please be remi

Week 5 Term 4 2021

 Dear Parents, Here we go, finishing up the first half of Term 4 and going into our last weeks of Year 1.  Excursion We are excited to go on our annual cultural excursion with the Year 1 students having the opportunity to learn about the deep connection the Wadandi people have to the Cape to Cape region.  Josh from Koomal dreaming will take us on a Kaya tour around the lighthouse and teach us about the landscape through the eyes and knowledge of an indigenous custodian.  We are looking forward to the experience and are hoping for two parent helpers from each class who are free for the day so please email me if you are (unfortunately we will only be able to accomodate two so first in...).  We will be leaving school around 9.30 and returning about 12.00 next Tuesday 16th November.   Seesaw Please make sure you have notifications set to appear on your Seesaw app so that you are aware of each update and get a great reminder to check out the small snippet of amazing work examples by your ch

Week 3 Term 4 2021

 Dear Parents, Well here we are, the last term and boy is it just whizzing by now!  It has been a big week practising for our opportunity to lead the Grandparents Day assembly as our prayer assembly tomorrow at 2.15.   No costumes or dress up requirements needed this time. Please also note that the all of the classrooms will be open from the end of lunch at 1.45 for grandparents and parents to pop in however our class will need to leave quite soon just after 2.00pm for us to prepare for the afternoon prayer assembly in the hall. Our learning concepts will follow on into next week so please check out the previous blog to see some of the topics we are focusing on in 1K.  Please also feel free to email me if you would like to organise a chat before or after school one day about you child in regards to anything at all.  Anyone going to the  Busselton show may also see 5 1K student art in the OLC artwork on display as each class has several examples on display.   Another wonderful surprise

Week 2 Term 4 2021

 Dear Parents, After some lovely extra time off with family time up north, I was straight back into it last week and can't thank Mrs Sorgiovanni enough for her teaching over the last couple of weeks.  The students have grown so much over only a month and I am so proud of such confident, responsible and kind students we have in 1C.  Knowing we have such amazing students and teachers at OLC makes working here a blessing and not too rough to get back into things after a month of sunshine and exploring all over our state.  Well here we go into Week Three of the last term of Year 1!  We weclome Arlo S. this week too to join our 1K team so please make him and his parents feel welcome. Some big news too is that on Friday our class offered last minute to lead the Grandparents Day assembly as our prayer assembly.  We only have the week to prepare and rehearse but as we all know, 1K have amazing performance skills and we are sure to succeed and impress when we lead the assembly this Friday a

Week 8/9 Term 3 2021

Dear Parents, What a wonderful week so far with lots of learning and fun.  Today we will finish the week with the OLC's Got Talent Show on after an early lunch break.  The children all looked so wonderful yesterday thank you for sending them to school reading and looking very f i n e ! We have had a great time this week so far, having two Year 5 Challenge Academy students coming to teach us about bees, making some bee craft, learning to draw still-life pictures with Mrs Sorgiovanni, reversible and irreversible changes in science and learning about the three persons of God as our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.   In Initialit reading we have been learning about reading with fluency, verbs and using the suffix 'ed' to show it has already happened.  In reading groups we have been working on sounding out loud tricky words, chunking longer words into syllables and asking someone if we don't know what a word means and can't imagine anything.  We know how important it

Week 8 Term 3 2021

 Dear Parents, What a performance on Friday!!! I am so proud of how well they performed with confidence, getting through some excited nerves and beaming smiles throughout! Thank you to the parents who helped their child pick out the perfect 'dad costume' -  they definitely all looked the part. I hope the dads all had a wonderful day today with their families and enjoyed a little bit of sunshine too as an extra gift. Congratulations to Yara for being our merit award recipient last week for her personal growth in the area of subtraction.  She has worked hard to improve her personal skills to solve subtraction number sentences using some of the strategies we have been learning to help us solve some of these problems.  Well done Yara, you are a maths magician!  School Photos This Thursday 9th of September our school photos will be taking place. Please ensure your child comes to school ready wearing the  full winter uniform , including trousers, grey socks and the teal  woolen  jump