Week 9 Term 2 2021

Dear Parents,  I hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the beautiful winter weather! A bit of sunshine was a great way to enjoy celebrating a birthday milestone with my friends and family! Only a few weeks to go and what a term we have had so far! I'm so impressed with the incredible personal growth the students have had personally and academically over the last six months.   Cross Country πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♂️ Just a reminder that Cross Country is taking place this Thursday 17th of June. Students are to wear their faction shirt and are encouraged to wear zinc and bring teddies. We will make our way down to the oval at 9 am for a 9:15am start, however we will be the second year group running the cross country as it will begin with Year 3's, then Year 1's and then Year 2's, etc. Providing the weather stays good, we will stay out to watch some of the other races. Parents are most welcome to join us to watch, please note that the bottom gravel car park is unavailable.  Wheels After

Week 6 Term 2 2021

Dear Parents,  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  It was a lovely rainy one apart from standing in the rain watching the kids play sport although I think they loved it!  Rebecca Cool Visit -  On Thursday, we were lucky enough today to have Rebecca Cool come visit the Year Ones and the Year Twos. Rebecca is a WA artist and illustrator who lives in Margaret River. Rebecca has studied at the Claremont School of Fine Art, has her work shown at a number of exhibit and has illustrated a series of books that have won many awards. The children were fortunate enough to listen to Rebecca read the story Isabella's Garden by Glenda Millard. The children learnt about the process Rebecca went through when illustrating the book. She also brought in special original canvas paintings for the children to look at. The children are in the process of making their very own Rebecca Cool style art. We will be painting and collaging our work. What a very COOL day the Year Ones and Twos had!!!! Sun Chimes

Week 5 Term 2 2021

 Dear Parents, I hope you had a lovely weekend break! We had a great day and most of us even enjoyed experiencing the storm with thunder, lightning and lots of rain today at school. Sun Chimes -  STEM Project (Wednesday Week 5) Today we finished our  design plans for our sun chimes as a part of our integrated science to create a sun chime as a part of our unit in Science related to what we have been learning about sound and light.   There is only a few days left if your child wanted to bring to school any other materials that you have in your home that they feel would create lovely sound or light and that we may have limited numbers of. Items may include: bottle tops, thin craft wire, buttons, gemstones, old sunglasses, old CDs, unused keys, screws and bolts, old spoons and forks, mirror mosaic tiles etc. If they could bring it to school in a small ziplock bag or similar with their name clearly labelled on it, it would clearly help with the design and construction process over the next

Week 4 update Term 2 2021

Hello parents,  Some other information in addition to the post I sent earlier this week. Apologies for sending the wrong link in the first text I sent! I hope all is well - the kids have definitely been working hard this week!   Sun Chimes -  STEM Project (Wednesday Week 5) Today we began our integrated science and design technology to design and create a sun chime as a part of our unit in Science related to what we have been learning about sound and light.  The children will work in collaborative teams of three to plan and design a sun chime (a mixture of a wind chime and a sun catcher) - a collaborative piece that creates relaxing sounds and reflects light.  Your child may have come home demanding materials today in their excitement about our project that we introduced and started to plan today but never fear that we have plenty of recycled materials at school.  However, your child is welcome to bring to school any other materials that you have in your home that they feel would creat

Week 4 Term 2 2021

Happy Monday and welcome back to another busy week! I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day and were spoiled with love, gratitude and maybe even some time spent with your feet up!  Much love was spent in class the last couple of weeks with the kids so excited to share the gift and cards made so carefully.  Some gorgeous portraits too of you I must say! x  Our Learning πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ₯° Last week and this week we have really put our mathematician brains to the test and learn all about telling time. This can be a tricky concept, but we are determined to get there, it is expected in Year One that students are able to read o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock and digital clock and be able to write these times as well.  πŸ•€  We are finishing up our narratives writing unit, learning about a story mountain and all of the parts we find within a good story.  We learnt about what real authors to do write a story and have even had our first go of having a story edited, publishing a goo

Week 2 Term 2 2021

 Good morning parents,  I hope you have had a lovely long weekend!  Just a few reminders for the remainder of this week... Homework due this week and new set for Week 3/4 Term 2  Just a friendly reminder that homework is due tomorrow - please bring them to school to help us review and set up for next fortnight.   If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also a request that you remember to complete the reading log each night after your child has read aloud for ten minutes to help us know whether to change books or not and how your child is progessing with their nightly reading.  Spelling and fluency grids (these will look a little different to last term now we have begun the InitiaLit1 program but remain the same process as last term being a timed read with accuracy and time recorded) will continue to be glued into your child's scrapbook each fortnight.  These words are for your child to practise reading and spelling on a piece of paper and they

Welcome to Term 2!

 ...Welcome to Term 2! I hope you all had a lovely holidays relaxing and everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to go. Apart from a few days in Perth, my children and I have had a wonderful two weeks enjoying holiday life at home.  However, school and my amazing class of kids have been missed I am looking forward to a jam-packed 11 week Term 2 with your children. We are very lucky to have two wonderful team members to the 1K class- Avalon and Emily!  I'm looking forward to meeting them tomorrow as are the rest of the kids.   Well done to Liam for our second Star Citizen for our class at our last assembly for Term 1.  Liam consistently shows compassion for others, welcoming others and noticing those in need.  Congratulations Liam!    Homework - SpellingπŸ“š Spelling lists in your child's homework book will look a little bit different this term. It will consist of four focus sounds and four tricky words. These focus sounds and tricky words are linked with InitiaLit and will also b